Now available in select areas


We are proud to announce our fiber to the home is now available in the Snow Hill area, as well as limited locations in Grifton. Because Fiber Optic Internet uses glass as a conductor, as opposed to conventional copper cable lines, it is able to withstand outages due to storms, electrical outages or lightening damage making it the most reliable internet service available. This, combined with it's superior speed and streamlined utilities, makes Fiber Optic Internet the clear choice. 

Plans and Pricing are listed below. Please call (252) 747-5682 to verify availability or get estimated availability date for your location.

Speed Price per month
 20 Mbps   $20
50 Mbps $40
250 Mbps $50
450 Mbps $70
1 Gig $120 

All fiber internet plans have matching download and upload speed

If service is not available to your area yet, please fill out this form so that we can add your to our list for future expansion.

Bundle prices are available for telephone, internet and cable TV. Contact us today at 252-747-5682 for more details.